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    If you’re looking for an escape from the bustling city, Medina is your perfect get-away. Located about 20 miles out of the Twin Cities, you will find the land of the “Big woods”, filled with luscious forests and green marshes. Medina’s rural feel has kept many residents within its boundaries and has brought new ones in each year. Its convenient location to Wayzata, Plymouth, Orono, and Minnetonka, provides residents with plenty of amenities but also gives them a close oasis.


    Similar to most cities, Medina home prices vary with the estimated median home value. In 2009, the median home value was at $469,663 and has increased since. One of the most valued attributes of a Medina lot is its seclusion and tranquility – perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Medina also offers a variety of different neighborhoods for homebuyers to consider, including Bridgewater at Lake Medina, a charming neighborhood with outstanding views. Many of the lots are spacious, some with many acres this allows those with hobbies to easily live their lifestyle yet be close to the city.


    Medina’s first inhabitants where Sioux (Dakota) Indians who cherished the lands fish, berries, and wild rice. In 1853, the Traverse de Sioux Treaty opened up this wooded region to settlers who admired the large timber and open land for farming. Originally, Medina was called “Hamburg Township” but was soon renamed after the Arabian holy City. The Hamel area of Medina (built on the road connecting Minneapolis to Rockford) became a popular stop which brought new residents to the city. Today, Uptown Hamel belongs to the Historic Downtown District of the City of Medina and has a mix of office, shop, and residential spaces. In 1974, Medina went from a village to an incorporated City and has prospered much since.


    Medina is home to about 5,000 residents within its 26.9 square mile range. About 25.6 square miles of land and 1.3 square miles of water. There are three beautiful golf courses in Medina, Baker National Golf Course (Public), Medina Golf and Country Club (Private), and Spring Hill Golf Club (Private).


    At first, Medina was a great location for lumbers because of its abundance of trees. Today, many of the lumber yards and manufactures are still successfully in business. Medina’s unique terrain of forests, marshes, and ponds, has allowed many opportunities for recreational businesses to take advantage of. Uptown Hamel offers a variety of different diners, boutiques, and galleries for those to stumble upon.


    Due to Medina’s central location, there are four reputable school districts that fall within the area. Most Medina students attend school district 284 (Wayzata) or 278 (Orono). However, those in northwestern Medina fall under district 879 (Delano) or 883 (Rockford).

    Getting There:

    Minnesota State Highway 55 serves as a main route for anyone traveling to and from Medina. Highway 55 extends diagonally across the central part of Minnesota, going through Minneapolis towards Medina. From Minneapolis, I-394 W and US-12 W can also be used to get to Medina.

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