Wayzata Schools Real Estate

    Wayzata Public School district is among the best in the state and has been nationally recognized for its quality educational programs, sports, and high percentage of college- bound graduates. The district serves families in all or part of: Corcoran, Maple Grove, Medicine Lake, Medina, Minnetonka, Orono, Plymouth, and Wayzata. Seven elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (6-8), and one high school (9-12), are available for the students and families within these eight communities.

    Each elementary school believes in a kind, enthusiastic, and efficient educational environment. The seven K-5 schools include: Birchview Elementary, Gleason Lake Elementary, Greenwood Elementary, Kimberly Lane Elementary, Oakwood Elementary, Plymouth Creek Elementary, and Sunset Hill Elementary. Family and community involvement are strongly emphasized throughout all of these schools.

    Families served by Sunset Hill Elementary are those who live in neighborhoods 61 & 73-81 (Eastern Wayzata).

    Families served by Birchview Elementary are those who live in neighborhoods 48-59, 60 & 62-65 (Central Wayzata).

    Families served by Gleason Lake Elementary are those who live in neighborhoods 10E, 13, 66-72 (Western Wayzata).

    Families served by Greenwood Elementary are those living in neighborhoods 1-3, 4AN, 4B, 5E, 6W, 7A, 8, 9, 10W, 11AI, 11A3, 11B, 12, 14-17 (North Western Wayzata).

    Families served by Kimberly Lane Elementary are those living in neighborhoods 18-27, 28N, 28S, 29 & 30 (Northern Wayzata).

    Families served by Oakwood Elementary are those who live in neighborhoods 4AS, 5W, 6E, 7B, 11A2, & 42-47 (North central Wayzata).

    Lastly, families served by Plymouth Creek are those who live in neighborhoods 31, 32, 34-41 (North Eastern Wayzata)

    The Wayzata Public School District includes three grade 6-8 Middle Schools: Wayzata East Middle School, Wayzata Central Middle School, Wayzata West Middle School.

    Wayzata East Middle School (EMS) is committed to organizing an environment that prepares every student for tomorrow’s tomorrow. The school enrolls about 810 students each year. In addition to the districts core curriculum, EMS offers unique courses including Engineering, Technology, Design for students. EMS also provides technology devices (Ipads) for each student to personalize their educational experience.

    Wayzata Central Middle School (CMS) takes pride in their rigorous academic environment and top of the line staff. CMS students in grades 6 & 7 are placed into interdisciplinary teams that share the same teachers who work together to progress every student’s academic journey. Students in 8th grade leave the team model and complete their core curriculum with a designated “learning coach” for each individual. The school enrolls about 1,040 students each year.

    Wayzata West Middle School (WMS) is the smallest of the three middle schools and enrolls approximately 750 students each year. Because of their smaller enrollment, WMS is able to enjoy a personalized model of education by providing technology devices (Ipads) to each student. Similar to Wayzata East Middle School, courses including Engineering, Technology, Design, and a wide array of language arts, are available for students.

    The entire district is served by one award winning high school with approximately 3,300 enrolled students each year. Wayzata High School (WHS) has a modified block schedule with traditional core classes and a wide range of electives for each unique student. Wayzata offers 26 Advanced Placement courses with opportunities to gain college credit. WHS has an active community and alumni who work towards maintaining the schools quality and renowned reputation.

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